10 Tips for Organizing a Stress Free Wedding

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Find the wedding dress , the perfect bridal bouquet , look for the gifts of your guests by putting everyone in agreement … You will have things to think for the D-Day, and opportunities for arguments and head shots ! But with a good organization and anticipation , you can very well ward off fate and stay zen throughout the preparations. Here are 10 valuable tips for organizing a stress free wedding delivered by Sabrina , from the No Stress Wedding agency ,  Doha , aka  The Wedding Fairy and  Karine , from the agencyLaura Z Organization Brie Champenoise .


1. Create Adapted Tools

For your wedding, you will improvise yourself as an event organizer . Start by creating a folder with your bridal headdress photos , your decorating ideas , and a word / excel file with all your appointments, the guest list , and the budget estimate .


2. Use a Retroplanning

Nothing better then to rely on a retroplanning : month by month, this document allows you to list the tasks to be done chronologically , and to indicate those that are completed. ” Organizing is planning, anticipating, planning so make a retro-planning of your wedding preparations ” advises Karine , agency Laura Z Organization Brie Champenoise . ” Every important step , every deadline, every prerequisite is mentioned there. It sounds a bit “project management”, but organize your wedding, is not it a great project of life … “


3. Call on Professionals

If you feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task , do not hesitate a minute to call on professionals, ” it’s less stress ” recalls  Doha , aka The Wedding Fairy :  if your budget allows you Do not hesitate to take professionals like a wedding planner, or a decorator . Your wedding will be easier to organize and you will stress a lot less. “


4. Anticipate Well in Advance

When it comes to marriage, it’s never too early to get started. ” Anticipate the organization of your wedding 1 year in advance. It’s the ideal! warns Doha . You are sure to complete the whole organization of this big day a few months before D-Day , which will give you time to rest and breathe … “


5. Block his Providers Early Enough

” All providers must be contacted at least 6 months before the day … to make sure they are available especially if you had a crush … ” Doha recommends . Ask them ” a detailed contract to avoid any surprises on D-Day, ” Karine recalls  .


6. Learn to Delegate

It is essential to ” delegate to trustworthy people who want to invest ” advises  Sabrina , agency  No Stress Wedding . Nevertheless, ” do not force those who do not really want to get involved ” says the wedding planner and be sure to ” warn them well in advance,  to elegantize tasks according to the strengths of each , not too much charge one person, and not to give tasks that could prevent them from enjoying the important moments of the marriage. “


7. Register on a Wedding Portal

And we do not say it! ” Many wedding portals such as Zankyou  offer a wide list of different providers chosen with care … This will facilitate the task in your research and thanks to the various articles and tips, you will have all the solutions to make your most beautiful day  ! So do not hesitate! ” Doha highlights  .


8. Communicating Emotions and Anxieties 

” A wedding is a great day and it is quite normal to stress and apprehend ,” says Doha . So do not hesitate to talk about your anxieties to your loved ones  : your future husband, your family, your friends. They will bring you comfort and will give you good advice. “


9. Think of the Big Ones … And the Little ones!

” Every guest must have fun at your wedding, so do not leave the kids ,” says Karine. In order to fully enjoy your reception, offer them activities . Do not hesitate to hire an animation professional to reassure parents and be assured that they will not bother at any time. Shows, treasure hunt, coloring, makeup, inflatable structures. The little ones will love having an adult to play with . “


10. Make an Accurate run of the Day D

If your organization holds the road, then everything will be like clockwork. Karine  first advises “to make a detailed schedule of the day’s proceedings with  the schedules, the role and the coordinates of each one that you will give to the person to whom you have delegated the tasks .”  Sabrina complete with these last elements to take in account: ” prepare all things to take to the place a few days before so you do not forget anything and know who will keep the covenants and entrust this task to someone you trust!”

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